Sunday, 15 July 2012

Father's Day to Wedding Day

Well you may be wondering why I haven't been posting in recent weeks, so I am going to share this fairly emotional post today as I explain my absence. My Dad's health has been deteriorating for a long time now whilst he's been in the late stages of Parkinsons, and after another short stay in hospital last month, I last visited him in hospital on Father's Day and gave him this card. I will admit that I'd forgotten to put the anchor that I'd stamped and cut out, when I took this photo, but remembered to add it before I gave it to Dad.

Sadly my Dad passed away peacefully, a few days later, just the day after he was sent home. He finally had his promotion to heaven which he'd been looking forward to. I never knew there was such alot to organize for a funeral etc. - so many decisions. Anyway, a week later, we said our final goodbyes to him with around 300 friends whose lives he'd touched, at a very special Thanksgiving Service. It hasn't been all sad though, as we had the wonderful joy of a family wedding the week after that when our son Daniel was married to the lovely and caring Anne, who has been his best friend these last 6 years, and very much part of our family. This was our sunshine after the rain.

It's been such an incredibly hectic time these last few weeks, that it's left us feeling quite exhausted. Any way - life goes on and so must I, so now I have time to get back into crafting for myself, without having to think of wedding stationery (well for a short time anyway - another son getting married next year LOL!). Would you like to see a couple of wedding photos? ... okay, I'll share them just now, but I warn you, there will be many more over the coming weeks as I make my scrapbook pages etc.
A beautiful bride with her proud family and friends
The lovely couple!
See you soon. Thanks so much for visiting.

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